Where is the Game Number on a Lottery Ticket?

where is the game number on a lottery ticket

Many have dreamed of winning the lottery. People believe that buying their ticket at the corner store will unlock the home, vacation and latest tech gadgets of their dreams. Unfortunately, few actually achieve their goal. Winning the lottery is a very low probability event and many end up losing what they win because many adopt Gambler’s fallacies and habits to give themselves what they believe to be greater chances of success; these could include anything from lucky charms to buying tickets at certain hours.

People often claim they have unlocked the mystery and discovered winning lottery ticket patterns, yet most such claims are either founded in coincidence or personal belief. With lottery tickets being so random and uniform in nature it would be nearly impossible to detect any patterns when searching for one; yet that didn’t stop geological statistician Mohan Srivastava from devising an innovative system to determine whether a lottery ticket was indeed winning without scratching it first!

His method involves charting the “random” outside numbers that mark each playing space on a lottery ticket, then searching for spaces in which those same numbers recur 60-90% of the time; according to him, spaces like this indicate winning tickets. He suggests testing his method on other tickets before purchasing tickets and has made available a video demonstrating it; in addition to that, lottery websites publish odds of winning regularly so it would be wise to do your research before purchasing tickets.

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